our 2020 dancing stars


Cathlene Miner

Cathlene Miner is Founder and President of Hopefull Handbags, Inc. Non Profit, 501c3, a Bestselling Author of the 30 Day Self Perception Makeover, and Teen Edition, International Speaker, and Podcast Host.

Cathlene loves her life as homeschool mom, wife, mother of four and grandmother (Sea) to two amazing granddaughters, entrepreneur and a love of anything that brings a smile and joy, and a self-professed glass half full kinda girl.

Cathlene and Hopefull Handbags are spreading Hope One handbag at a time to women getting back on their feet again due to Domestic Violence and other Detrmental situations. Also, raising awareness. Hopefull Handbags believes in collaboration over competition and hosts and are part of events that bring women, business and nonprofits together because, 

“Together We Are Stronger”.

She knows from her own experiences and those of her clients that with a healthy Self Perception anything is possible to truly manifest your life on purpose and allow your dreams to unfold. You are limitless.

“Never Underestimate the Power of Hope


Chelsea Reppin

 Chelsea moved to St. Augustine in 2013 to pursue her B.A. in Graphic Design from Flagler College. Post graduation, Chelsea relocated to the Dominican Republic to develop a small non-profit in partnership with the Dominican Development Group. Since returning to the United States, Chelsea has served as the Director of Development at St. Augustine Youth Services (SAYS). Chelsea's favorite thing about working at SAYS is seeing the community come together to support and empower SAYS kids. In her down time Chelsea enjoys traveling, learning new languages, and hearing live music. 


Christopher Henry


Born and raised in Mississippi, son of a preacher, I was encouraged to give back to the community. As a trained pediatric dentist and an orthodontist, I’ve had the opportunity to go on numerous mission trips providing dental care to those who would other wise not have access. Each experience has left me feeling  inspired and blessed. I’m constantly looking for a new way to give.

After twelve years living in the interior of Alaska, I had the opportunity to move to Florida to be near family. In the process, I met and married the love of my life. We both have a heart for philanthropy in all forms. We look forward to joining Dancing with the Stars of St. Johns County to bring awareness and financial support.

I’m excited to be apart of this unique organization and have the opportunity to blessed others through the arts. 


Kym Johnson

Kym D. Johnson is honored to be part of this worthy community event, which supports such a valuable northeast Florida organization.  Born in Saint Augustine and raised in northeast Florida, Kym resides in the San Marco community of Jacksonville, but will always consider St. Johns County as home. 

Ms. Johnson holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a graduate degree in Public Administration, and is a Certified Grant Writer. She currently serves as an Adjunct Professor for Flagler College and Florida State College at Jacksonville, and teaches high school social studies full time at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. When not teaching and spending time with family and friends, she loves travel and adventure both here in the US and abroad. She also enjoys assisting nonprofits in developing their organizations. 

It has been a lifelong dream of Kym’s to learn how to dance. So, she’s putting on her dancing shoes to raise money for the St. Augustine Community School of Performing Art